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About Me

Hello... I am a engineer that started baking three years ago to relieve some stress and set a new challenge for myself. I did 50 different cookie recipes in a year and became hooked on baking. I then started to branch out and start adding a little adventure to my cooking as well.
I am always trying new recipes that I find  in a cookbooks, magazines, or another blog. I have started to post lots of foodie pics on facebook, and have gotten some great response from old and new friends. I get asked to share recipes a lot so I decided it would be fun to start a blog.
I have two cats, a dog, and six fish. The first cat Harry is an "unofficial" maine coon that is definitely the man of the house. He is always the first to greet me and is always trying to be a part of whatever I am doing.

The second cat is Tonks. As the vet says, she is a calico. This basically means that she has a mind of her own. Several of my family members and friends aren't even sure that Tonks exists, because she hides a lot. She loves food about as much as I love baking, so we have a love hate relationship over the diet that the vet prescribed for her.

Ginny is the girl dog of the house. She loves everyone and everything. My husband and I joke that everything she does is her favorite thing. She is a full breed brittany spaniel. She is an avid hunter/watcher of any bird that comes within a 1/2 mile radius of our house. She is also full of love for anyone that will give her pets. They joke that brittanys will show the robbers where the jewerely is hidden, and I have to say I would agree.

Last but certainly not least is my husband Jim. He is my ultimate assistant and taste tester. He is also an engineer with a love of data, so you may see some serious data analysis at times :)

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