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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Spiced Up Campfire Smores

Ok.. admit it most everyone loves a smore... but sometimes it would be nice if there was something a little more to it... Its ok you can admit it... it would be fun to try something different.

What if you add a little strawberry to your smore....

Or if you added a little peanut butter or even crazier added a Reese peanut butter cup.... Its ok the Reeses and Hersheys will mix well in your mouth....

Or perhaps you would like an Elvis smore with banana and peanut butter....

And every smore party should have fun drinks. This is one of my favorite wines from one of our local wineries. Even if you are not drinking it by a campfire with smores, you take one sip and you feel like you are at a campfire eating smores.

I have to admit my dad is not a big smore fan... he will in fact take his candy bar and save it for later. Because as he suggests nothing is better than a hershey bar :) This is Jim saving a candy bar similar to my father.

Father's day is this coming weekend, perhaps I should send my dad some Hershey bars : )

I hope everyone enjoys the time with their fathers this weekend!