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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

5 can soup

If you are not an animal person... then I suggest that you just scroll down to the last paragraph where I talk about the recipe. So for those who love your animals almost as much as people, do you ever have a conversation with your dog or cat and think yup they understood.

Our dog Ginny is the most loveable dog in the world, but she gets over zealous on her walks sometimes. In general she is a good girl, but every once in a while she will see a bird, a squirrel, a butterfly or a leaf that distracts her. You then have to work hard to get her attention again and not loose her completely to the hunt.

Well anyway I was leaving the library the other day and she was riding shotgun... because honestly its her favorite thing. Well anyway we are watching the car in front of us pull out into traffic. That is when I notice that there is an older man with his seeing eye dog waiting on the corner. They had just arrived and the dog sat down to check the traffic, while they waited the guy gave the dog a treat and petted its head.

The dog then looked both ways. I stayed back so that it would know it was ok. I really think the dog looked right at me to make sure I wouldn't move forward. He then lead the man across the street, and when they got to the other side the dog sat again. The man gave the dog another treat and petted her head.  It was such a sweet sight.

I looked at Ginny, and she looked at me... and I swear that look said. "I would do that for you if you needed me too.. but you don't so I will continue to be crazy and chase everything :) " Ok maybe I am the crazy one.

On to this recipe. It is yummy.... gives you enough soup for dinner and lunch the next day. It has to be one of the easiest recipes you can make. The perfect meal for a chilly busy Fall day.


1 can of vegetable classics minestrone soup
1 can of mixed vegetables
1 can of sweet corn
1 can of petite diced tomatoes
1 can of black beans

In a large saucepan put all in all 5 cans and stir to mix them all together. Warm the soup on medium high heat until it boils. Then turn the heat down so it will simmer. Let simmer for 15-20 minutes.

Serve and Enjoy!

This recipe was originally on yummly. 

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  1. Such an easy recipe but full of flavor and goodness, loving this!

    1. Sometimes a little easy in life is good :)

  2. Replies
    1. Ginny definitely keeps me entertained :)

  3. I love this fast but delicious sounding dinner! And such a sweet story about your pup and the seeing eye dog!!

  4. I never thought of combining different cans together to make a soup. That's a great idea!

    1. It is so easy.. and you can mix and match lots of flavors :)