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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Getting to see Cat Cora

The senior PGA golf tournament is being played at a golf course in our town this weekend. Hubby Jim is ecstatic because he gets to go and watch all the pros. I was excited as well, because the course is absolutely beautiful and I love being outside. However the cool thing is that the tournament is sponsored by KitchenAid so they brought in some celebrity chefs, including Cat Cora. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see her present.

We got there early and got to see her review the set up. As the hubby said she is all business, making sure that everything is there and in its place.

There were a couple of guys on the side that helped her set up. One also stayed close and took away the dirty dishes etc as she went through the presentation. She later joked that wouldn't it be nice for everyone to have a helper like that at home. Yes... please come help me with all my blog posts.

Afterwards I was lucky enough to get a copy of her cookbook and have her sign it for me.

She demonstrated three recipes for us. The first recipe she did was for these jalapeno poppers. They looked absolutely delicious and were so easy to make. Planning to try them and put them on the blog soon. She also did salmon burgers and a twist on a banana split sundae. Both looked amazing. She was also really down to earth and answered a lot of questions.

I was already flipping through the cookbook on my way home, and talking to the hubby about all the recipes that I wanted to try.  It was a really great and fun experience to see her speak. I can't wait to try some of her great recipes.


  1. I have heard from others that Cat Cora is very down to earth and a fantastic person. So jealous that you got to meet her!

    1. It was so much fun! I'm lucky to have gotten the chance since we don't get a lot of celebrities in our area.